Content as a Service – Healthline

Extend care beyond the examination room

Healthline’s content licensing service lets you be your patient’s ally by serving them the right health content at the right time.


Words matter: The value of healthcare content


Help people stick to their treatment plan and impact better health outcomes.


Encourage preventive care and help build healthy everyday habits and lifestyles.


Guide patients beyond the appointment. Stay top-of-mind with up-to-date and relevant content.

How our partners are using Content-as-a-Service

Healthline partners can leverage health content to drive various objectives.


“We want to drive more appointments.”

Impact your reserved appointments through targeted and timely marketing campaigns aided by health content.


“We want to engage with patients throughout their care journey.”

Provide patients with timely health content based on their diagnosis and care journey.


“We want a more robust patient education website and content strategy.”

Utilize the breadth and depth of our coverage and content for use on your digital platforms.


“We want to improve HEDIS performance and star ratings.”

Don't leave your HEDIS scores to chance—use health content to impact timely action.


“We want to drive awareness around medical conditions.”

Utilize health content to drive preventive action by raising awareness around medical conditions.

One of the many ways you can use health content


Meet your patients on their terms

Connect with them via text, email, website, or patient apps.


Host content on your website, app, or patient portal to provide patients with useful content they can access any time.


Your appointment reminders don't have to be bare. Send text alerts to allay concerns before an appointment or to provide informational content.


Send email newsletters to patients to provide educational and informational content targeting their specific medical conditions, age, or to drive awareness.


Whole-person healthcare that educates and empowers

Our content helps you create a wholesome experience for your patients beyond the exam room through clinical, lifestyle, and social health content.

Move the needle on metrics that matter


Better retention
Relevant content keeps you top of mind—improving patient retention and increasing booked appointments.


Better utilization
Actionable content boosts usage of your digital platforms—increasing portal utilization.


Better Net Promoter Score
More engaged and informed patients = More satisfaction, leading to higher NPS.